Women’s Health

Our practitioners have experience in musculoskeletal womens health.

We understand the body is a unit and often one limitation can impact on other aspects of life.

Our principle Osteopath, Dr Lana Andalis, has a particular interest and experience in womens musculoskeletal health, in particular post-natal musculoskeletal health and women who are struggling with pain and finding it difficult to perform activities at work, home or leisure.

Our initial consultations are thorough, taking the time to understand the symptoms you are experiencing, the struggles you are facing and the goals you are looking to achieve.

Our consultations focus on a though examination, establishing a working diagnosis and an individualised treatment and management plan.

We focus on a team approach to patient care, whereby we discuss a management plan that works within your parameters and schedule.

A team approach may also include working with other practitioners, such as a podiatrist (to assist with orthotics), dietitian (such as to assist with weight loss or tailored dietary advice for specific underlying conditions), psychologist (to assist with stress/anxiety management), physiotherapist, lactation consultant (for new mums who may be having difficulty in feeding their newborn).