Medicare Referrals: Information for Referring Doctors and Health Care Nurses

I am looking to refer a patient to an Osteopath, to assist with their current pain and symptoms for a diagnosed muskuloskeltal pathology. Does your practice accept chronic disease care plan patients? Yes, Lalor Soma Osteopathy does accept Chronic Disease Management Referrals.

Will my patient be out of pocket or will they be bulk billed?

> Lalor Soma Osteopathy is an established Osteopathic practice, based in Lalor for over 10 years. We have worked with hundreds of patients under medicare referrals and we have built strong relationships with surrounding GPs and nurses within our community. During our 11 years we have listened to the needs of doctors, nurses and patients and we have found patients are looking for outcomes, targeted at improving their range of motion allowing them to better perform activities of daily living and reduce the intensity of pain experienced, while doctors and nurses are looking to receive a report following the initial and final Osteopathic CDM Plan, in order to provide insight into the Osteopaths assessment of the patient, the treatment and management plan which has been initiated, the need for any additional examination/imaging and the progress achieved.

> In order to provide a comprehensive well rounded approach to patients, doctors and nurses, we allocate consultation times which allow us to achieve improved outcomes. Initial consultations: 1 hr & return consultations: 35 min.

> Given the extensive time we spend with each patient, we do not bulk bill, however CDM patients will receive a medicare rebate of $55.10, which they will claim on the spot via our HICAPS terminal.

> Initial consultations: $140.00 with subsequent consultations: $90.00

Will I receive a report from the Osteopath? Yes, for each patient who has been referred to our practice, the referring GP will receive a report following the initial and final Osteopathic consultation under the chronic disease management plan and more often if clinically relevant.

Filling out the CDM form:

if you are looking to refer a patient to our practice with one of our experienced osteopaths please ensure the form is filled out correctly. In particular:

> Under the name of the Allied Health Professional referral section please ensure it reads: “Lalor Soma Osteopathy”

> Under the Allied Health Professional Address section it needs to read: “332 Edgars Road, Lalor Vic 3075.”

> Please ensure the number of services have been filled in either reading no: 1,2,3,4 or 5.

> Please ensure the referring general practitioner has signed and dated the form.

Sending CDM Referrals to Lalor Soma Osteopathy:

All CDM plans can be faxed to our practice on: (03) 9465 2888 or

emailed to:

GPs, Nurses and Osteopaths working Together to help patients struggling with musculoskeletal pathologies.

Working together to achieve patients results: Over the last 10 years our team of Osteopaths have greatly enjoyed working with a number of GPs and nurses to offer our patients a multidisciplinary approach to musculoskeletal management and care.

Our mission: To provide each and every patient with knowledge surrounding their pain/symptoms/diagnosis, provide a thorough patient examination & to provide an individualised treatment and management plan. In order to ultimately assist patients with improved mobility, function, range of motion, pain reduction, injury prevention, prevent re-aggravations and to better perform activities of daily living.

For any enquiries: Please do not hesitate to phone us on (03) 9077 7630 or email: