Are You An Osteopath Looking To Practice At Lalor Soma Osteopathy?

Welcome to Lalor Soma Osteopathy!

Lalor Soma Osteopathy has a strong focus on two key priorities:

(1) Practitioners provide a thorough patient Osteopathic experience dedicating time to:

 > Listen and build a strong rapport with each patient

>Spend time conducting a thorough examination

>Establish a working diagnosis, differential diagnosis, conditions not to be missed (CNTBM)

> Explain the diagnosis (and further investigate as required) to each patient

> Provide each patient with an individualised approach to treatment and    


 > Identify patient goals and monitor these goals are being met

> Assist patients with all questions they may have along their road to recovery.

(2) Practitioners must share our common philosophy, including:

> Respect: When communicating, displaying respect towards other practitioners and patients. As well as respect to the practice facility provided.

> Trust: Trust is a highly valued quality here at Lalor Soma Osteopathy.

> Professional: Carry themselves in a professional manner, with a high emotional intelligence.

> Friendly, Warm and Welcoming Personality to practitioners and patients.

> Practitioner Knowledge: We love being Osteopaths and strive to be industry leaders, with a focus on evidence based practice. 

> Supportive environment: When in doubt,  it’s okay to ask for help!

Seeking Osteopaths who share the same values as those outlined above and for those looking for a location to practice for many years to come.

Building a strong relationship over many years, centered on respect and trust, is a key priority and highly valued.

If you feel you are a great fit, we would love to hear from you, please feel free to send your resume to:


We are also forming our Multi-Disciplinary Practice!

Are you interested in practicing at Lalor Soma Health Centre?

Our mission (daily purpose) is to support our community to achieve optimum health for an active life.

– Our vision is to be a Leading Multidisciplinary Practice & Pain Management Clinic in Melbourne, offering a wide variety of health care practitioners, in one convenient and reputable location.

  • Are you a health care practitioner (Podiatrist, Psychologist or Dietitian)?
  • Are you focused on offering your patients an individualised approach to treatment, management and care?
  • Are you looking to be a part of a team environment and looking to cross-refer as required in order to offer your patients a more complete approach to management?
  • Are you looking to make a positive difference to our local Northern community and the wider community of Melbourne?
  • Does our mission and vision resonate with you?
  • Do our core values line up with you?

– Core Values (the culture behind our success with an emphasis on trust & support amongst colleges):

  1. Self Aware & Emotionally Intelligent 
  2. Professional demeanour, Ethical & Integrity
  3. Respect & Kindness towards colleges and patients 
  4. Empathy towards patients 
  5. Excellence & Individualised Approach to patient care, with a passion to assist in achieving their health goals
  6. Team Approach & Supportive Environment – Asking questions is welcomed and encouraged 
  7. Growth Mindset – enjoys expanding knowledge/skillset/evidence-based knowledge 
  8. Gratitude
  9. Recognise & Celebrate Achievements and Milestones.

If you feel you are a great fit, we would love to hear from you!

Please feel free to email your interest at:

– (For further information surrounding Lalor Soma Health Centre, please visit us at: