Is Pain Affecting You Day To Day?

We aim to identify your goals and aim to move towards assisting you along your journey. Arrange an appointment today on (03) 9077 7630 to take one step closer to achieving your goals.

> One very important factor we take the time to discuss with each patient is if their pain and symptoms are causing any limitations to their activities of daily living.

Whether you have underlying arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain, history of disc bulges or headaches to name a few, we understand these conditions and symptoms can subsequently affect the way you walk, work, perform leisure activities or general household tasks.

Identifying Your Goals

We treat each patient as an individual, we understand no two people are the same and each patient has very different goals.


  • To Improve Mobility & function
  • To Decrease Pain
  • To Walk Better (Do you walk with a limp?)
  • To feel more functionally independent in performing general tasks?
  • To Better Understand what Osteoarthritis is and things you can do to help your symptoms?
  • To Better Understand what Osteoporosis is and what you can do to help protect your spine in the years to come?
  • To Improve your quality of sleep? (Is pain or numbness and tingling waking you from sleep?)
  • To Feel Better While Working? (Are you sitting for long periods at work and developing mid back pain and poor posture? or Are you feeling lower back pain when lifting?)
  • To Reduce Stiffness (Do you have underlying osteoarthritis?)
  • To Get Back To The Gym (Is pain stopping you from staying healthy or getting healthy?)