Soma Support Product Range

Pillow Range

Are you sleeping well? Do you wake up with neck and shoulder pain? A consideration may be the use of an unsupportive and worn out older pillow. 

So, which pillow is best for me? Picking the right pillow can be overwhelming, given the number of different types of pillows there are available to us.

Here at our clinic, we offer our patients an individualised pillow recommendation.

Our recommendations are based considering each of the following: 
– if you have any underlying conditions/sleep requirements
– your current mattress type
– your preferred sleep position
– your shoulder width &
– your preferred pillow density for example, firm, medium or a softer feel.

After the above have been discussed and taken into account, we then suggest the pillow we believe is most appropriate for you. The great thing is during our pillow consultations, using our sample pillows, we invite you to try lying on a number of pillows within our range including the pillow suggested for you. This provides you with the opportunity to compare and feel confident with your pillow purchase.

We offer Low, Medium and High Profile pillows to suit each individual requirement.

Other Products available to assist in our management include:

  • Heat Packs
  • Foam Rollers
  • Resistance Bands