About Lalor Soma Osteopathy

Our History

Lalor Soma Osteopathy first opened its clinic doors on the 1st of May, 2012. Our practice is the first Osteopathic Practice to be established in Lalor as well as our neighbouring suburbs of Epping and Thomastown. Since 2012, we have been known for our strong reputation and our team have provided pain relief, improved mobility and assisted thousands of patients within our local community and the wider Melbourne community.

Our Future

We are very excited about our future! Over the last eight years we have worked hard to establish a strong foundation and reputable Osteopathic practice within Melbourne, taking the time to listen, get to know our patients and understand their goals & needs.

We have also stood by and observed the major growth, change and evolution that has occurred through the Northern corridor of Melbourne. There are now two new estates in Lalor including the Carlingford and Mosaic estates. In addition, Epping has seen a major growth through its Lyndarum, Aurora, and Epping North estates. Pacific Epping has expanded to offer a new food and dining precinct complex. Epping even has a new Costco store! In addition, the junctional site of Cooper Street, Epping and Edgars Road, Lalor has now become somewhat of a northern health hub.

We are dedicated to assist the needs of our patients and our growing community, with plans for our practice to evolve and offer a wide variety of health services in one convenient location as well as expand our Soma Supportive Product Range. We greatly look forward to the next stage of our growth.