Medicare Referrals: Information for Patients

What is a medicare referral or Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan? A Chronic Disease Management Plan is a referral which has been provided by a patients GP to another practitioner to provide the patient with a multidisciplinary approach to the management of their diagnosed underlying pathology.

Does Lalor Soma Osteopathy accept patients under a Chronic Disease Management Plan? Yes, our practice does accept and has extensive experience with patients who have been issued a CDM plan. We accept both existing and new patients under a CDM plan.

Am I eligible for a CDM Plan? Your doctor will determine if you are eligible for a CDM plan based on a number of criteria which need to be satisfied. You will need to discuss this with your GP to determine your eligibility.

I have been provided with a referral to see an Osteopath at Lalor Soma Osteopathy. What do I do from here?

If you have been provided with a referral to our practice, please ensure the form you have been provided by your GP or health care nurse has the correct details filled out. You can confirm this by checking the main CDM referral page.

> Under the name of the Allied Health Professional referral Section it needs to read: “Lalor Soma Osteopathy”

> Under the Address section it needs to read: “332 Edgars Road, Lalor Vic 3075.”

> Please ensure the number of services have been filled in either reading no: 1,2,3,4 or 5.

> Please ensure the referring general practitioner has signed and dated the form.

To arrange your first consultation under this care plan, you can phone our practice on (03) 9077 7630.

On your first consultation, please ensure you bring with you the care plan, this will generally include: the main page, a copy of your medical history and all relevant imaging reports (such as x-ray, ultrasound, CT or MRI).

What to expect in my Consultations?

> Our osteopathic consultations are thorough. For CDM referred patients the initial consultation runs for 45min-1hr and involves our osteopaths taking the time to read the referral form as well as the accompanied imaging reports. We will take the time to explain these reports to the patient, if they are unsure of what the report outlines. During this consultation we also focus on attaining a medical history, clinical presenting history, examination (involving observation, palpation, range of motion testing, orthopaedic testing, neurological testing as indicated) and an individualised treatment and management plan will be explained. Gaining insight into goals each patient is looking to achieve in particular if they are having difficulty in performing activities of daily living. Following your initial consultation under the care plan, a report will be sent back to the referring GP.

> Subsequent CDM consultations will operate for between 35-40min. The consultations will be aimed and monitoring your progress, signs and symptoms. We will also focus to monitor the progress of range of motion, if performing activities of daily living are improving as well as other goals which we’re outlined during the initial CDM consultation.

> At the conclusion of the CDM consultations a final report will be provided to the referring GP.

What are the Consultation Fees and Rebates? All patients attending under a CDM Plan are required to pay the standard consultation fees.

Initial consultation (45min-1hr) $140.00

Subsequent Consultations (35 min) $90.00.

Once this payment has been made, a medicare rebate of $56.00 will be claimed by the patient on the spot via our HICAPS terminal.