Effective Ergonomics

Desk, Chair and Computer Monitor Ergonomics – Getting It Right!

Here at Lalor Soma Osteopathy our Osteopaths often provide patients with education and knowledge surrounding how to effectively set up their desk, chair and computer monitor(s), to minimise risk of pain or repetitive strains from occurring.

We place a focus on the spinal column, in particular the positioning of the neck and thorax, in relation to the monitor(s), desk and chair. In addition, upper limb positioning is also an important consideration, in particular the positioning of the keyboard, particular type of mouse (vertical/standard) used, particular phone/headset used and factoring the dominant vs non dominant hand are all considerations which are explored and analysed.

Other useful aspects to getting it right which are also discussed include: the duration at which you stay at the desk and incorporating stretches.

We have worked with CEOs, directors, teachers, accountants, and many more professionals across all types of industries. If you require assistance on setting up your work station feel free to making a booking via our online booking system or phoning us on (03) 9077 7630.