Osteopath near Preston

Are you experiencing pain? New Patients Welcome.

You won’t feel rushed with us, our highly skilled Osteopaths are here to help!

Looking for an Osteopath near Preston? Our practice is conveniently located at 332 Edgers Rd in Lalor, where we can be found just off the Northern Ring Road, via the Edgers Road exit. We focus on offering convenient consultation times including same day and evening appointments.

Our osteopaths are experienced in treating Back Pain, Disc Bulge, Sciatica, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Neck Pain, Headaches, Shoulder Pain, Elbow Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Heel Pain, Sports Injuries, Bursitis, Rotator Cuff Issues, Postural Issues / Ergonomic Concerns Plus Much More!

We understand you are an individual and no two people are the same. During our consultations we focus on you, taking the time to listen to your pain and symptoms, the activities you are struggling to perform and focus on achieving your goals, via a thorough diagnosis and individualised management.

During our consultations we take the time to thoroughly diagnose your symptoms and implement a tailored individualised  treatment and pain management plan. At our clinic we focus on spending time with each patient, to ensuring you don’t feel rushed.

If you are concerned about the pain and symptoms you are experiencing and your health is of primary importance in your life, book an appointment today to move towards relieving pain, increasing mobility and living an active life.

Our purpose is to help our patients get back to enjoying life’s activities to the fullest by improving mobility & function and decreasing pain.